A complete website with multiple galleries, a blog and connection to etsy shopping site

The Wishing Star Pottery website was a true collaboration. Sprout designed the template and website format and then handed it over to the tech-savvy owner of WSP who was able to keep her costs low by doing much of the content entry on her own.  

Logo Suite

a Logo, a pottery stamp, and a cohesive artistic theme

Wishing Star Pottery required a suite of cohesive logo designs with an artistic to serve different purposes for the business - a stamp for the bottom of the pottery, a design for letterhead, stationery and business cards and something to display at Art Shows. 

Wishing Star Pottery Logo

Art Stamps

birds + bicycles

Sprout Design Studio worked from Wishing Star's hand drawn artwork to create a variety of stamps that could be imprinted in clay to create images of birds, bicycles and mustaches. What a fun result!  

Printed Materials

Business Cards, Notecards, Tent Banner, Wooden signs

Building on the Logo Suite, Sprout has created a variety of printed materials for Wishing Star Pottery. She uses notecards in her shipments to customers and displays a tent banner and signs printed on wood at Summer Art Shows. 

             Wishing Star Pottery Business Card Back

             Wishing Star Pottery Business Card Back


As a committed "do-it-yourself-er," I started Wishing Star Pottery without professional advice but when I was finally ready to make a leap towards creating a more established business - to create a logo, business cards other marketing materials as well as a professional website, Nicole Greene of Sprout Design Studio was willing to work with my half-baked process. Finding someone who was eager to work closely with me and to take my ideas and turn them into graphic representations creating a cohesive brand was essential. Nicole was happy use my input on logo design, color palettes and web layout. She was a great resourse for understanding web application and social networking integration. She allows me to do a great portion of the work uploading photos and adding text to keep costs down. She was also able to turn my artwork into high quality digital images to have clay stamps made. She definitely is my go-to for graphic design questions and projects because she responds quickly, is easy to work with and produces high quality creative design ideas and content.


-- Deidra Krois, Wishing Star Pottery