Website Design

A COMPLETE WEBSITE WITH Social media links, instagram feed and blog

Based in Connecticut, ThumbSUP Yoga offers classes in SUP Yoga, Land Yoga and Yoga Retreats. The owner wanted to create a website that represented her beach-y aesthetic she could readily adjust and edit and add to. As a result, creating this site was truly a collaborative process. 

Logo Update

A logo update 

The ThumbSUP logo tagline just didn't flow with the rest of the logo so we updated the font and connected it to the waves for a much more cohesive and aquatic look and feel. 





Logo Icon Creation

a new visual element of the thumbsup logo

Logos have an enhanced breadth of reach when they incorporate a visual element - an icon that works as a profile picture that works on Social Media platforms and that can speak for itself when words are too much. This logo was created in to represent the connection between SUP boards and ocean waves. In ThumbSUP Owner Danielle's own words: "It's two boards at the ready, stacked on the rack or crossing in the sea. Or the reflection of one board to view the significance of a pair. Colossal fins are in supply to straighten and stabilize a sunrise to sunset journey."

Email Marketing Campaign Template

user friendly email marketing

This is an example of a full-service email marketing campaign. Sprout designed the template and then handed it over to ThumbSUP to write and send the newsletter. 

After a brief but detailed tutorial, ThumbSUP now sends out their own monthly newsletters, updates and other information to clientele with pre-made templates with different formatting created by Sprout. 


My old website was stale. It was not a reflection of my current offerings and veered from my personal style. I saw what Nicole at Sprout Design Studio did for the Yoga Shala in Ridgway, CO and I really liked the consistent design and clear layout. I knew Sprout Design Studio could help to align my website with my intentions and in the end, I am proud and grateful. Working with Nicole electronically across the country was seamless. We operated via email communication and spoke intermittently by phone. To be frank, the dialogue was so clear she began to reply to anticipated questions as well. This helped to expedite the process and produce results efficiently. Nicole is bright, organized and highly experienced in web design, graphic layout and marketing communications. I have recommended her with full conviction to two friends already.    

-- Danielle Brown, Owner -ThumbSUP Yoga