Website Design


The Ridgway Yoga Shala has beautiful barn wood accents and we decided that the website should mimic the rustic modern design of the studio space. To enhance this theme, we decided to make all of the images black and white with a crisp white background. It was a pleasure working with JT Thomas to create images of all the Yoga Instructors. 

Logo Design

A mandala, a yogi, a lotus in a sweet pagoda-style home.

Creating a logo for the Ridgway Yoga Shala was a wonderful process. The word "Shala" means home in Sanskrit and the founders of RYS wanted their logo to embody the feeling of home. We experimented with the classic western version of a home but ultimately decided to go with a more eastern pagoda-like style. The devoted yogi holds a lotus which creates a pattern in the pagoda. The mandala around the outside was a final touch that brought the whole logo together. 

Email Marketing Campaign Templates

user friendly email marketing

This is an example of a full-service email marketing campaign. Sprout designed the template, helped write and edit the copy and built the email list. 

After a brief but detailed tutorial, Shala staff can now send out their own monthly newsletters, updates and other information to clientele with pre-made templates with different formatting created by Sprout. 

Sprout Design Studio Email Marketing Campaign

Printed Materials

Posters, word templates, schedules, flyers, business cards, etc...

Every Yoga Studio needs printed materials to hand out to their clients. For the Shala, Sprout Design Studio has produced a variety of posters, schedules and flyers in addition to the business cards, stationery and Microsoft Word templates.


In the midst of creating a new yoga studio in Ridgway Colorado, I turned to the talented and creative works of Nicole Greene and Sprout Design Studio.  In order to succeed as a start up business, you must exemplify creativity, beauty, professionalism, purity, totality and heart - all which are present in the work that she has created for the Ridgway Yoga Shala. Her patience and dedication to the process and to my ideas was amazing. She truly took the time tounderstand my vision and make it come to life. Furthermore, she guided me along the proper steps and established appropriate goals in order to open my business without any missing links.  Her work included creating a beautifully resonating logo and baseline for our business, full website creation (which I receive endless compliments and honors on constantly from clients), follow up tutorial on website management, creating email lists by compiling a MailChimp account, Social Media coverage and startup, LLC license assistance, business card creation, promotional flyers and newsletters and overall business consulting from the ground up. Her talents come not only from experience and endless drive, but from her pure heart and commitment to her clients and their success. For this I will forever be in gratitude to Sprout Design Studio and Nicole Greene.

-- Katie Graves, Director - Ridgway Yoga Shala